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What are you thinking?

So im hearing a lot of problem talk lately. Problem talk is just what it sounds like. Talking about problems! I haven’t decided if I’m sending that vyb out so that’s what I’m getting back or if people are a little more problem focused right now. Maybe this pandemic has caused a lot of theContinue reading “What are you thinking?”

Loving Yourself

You’ve probably heard, “you have to love yourself before someone else can love you” or “you have to take care of yourself or you cant take care of others”. Both are eventually true. It may not be evident at first and it may not even seem like the problem but if there is one thingContinue reading “Loving Yourself”

Meditation Poem

Meditation is great, meditation is kind. Meditation offers peace and leaves the judgment behind. As your body starts to grow, your subconscious does too. Storing memories of failures and times you were blue. Your subconscious mind, you don’t even know its name but science has told us that it is to blame. How many dreams,Continue reading “Meditation Poem”


Creating a happy place helps in creating a positive vibration. The joys of life come from that happy place, that place of high vibrations. Creating this space takes a little discipline in the beginning and a conscious decision to do something that will make you feel good and not negative or drained. I’ve found thatContinue reading “CREATE A HAPPY PLACE”


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