7 Tips to Attracting Love

  1. Shift Your Mindset- You should be in surrender mode. Being guided by your mind will cause resistance to what the universe is providing. As long as your mind is in control you will not see the opportunities provided to you. Surrender and trust.
  2. Take Ownership- Of how you are showing up. Own it. What’s your role been in the past? Take note of how you contributed and own it.
  3. Love Yourself First- Be grounded in confidence, not from your ego but from Love. If you love yourself, you will put that out and nothing less can be returned.
  4. Visualize Your Lover- What soul, value, mindset, personality, and physical attributes do you see?
  5. Be the Partner you Seek- Its like the saying goes….what you put out, you get back. Your core values will stand out and resonate back to you with little to no effort.
  6. Let Go of Perfection Expectations- Perfection does not exist. If the important values are met, some things are micro and will not make a difference in love.
  7. Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs- Well all have them. If you are not in a loving relationship right now, you have one too! Find the limits your mind has set for you and destroy them with your mindset shift!

Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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