Thoughts are the worst and the best of all of us. Before taking the journey into myself and life, I could have never imagined the depth of my thoughts. What they were doing to me, what they were creating. What they were keeping me from, and what they ultimately denied me for so long

I’d heard, “dont think about it, It’ll go away”, or “It takes two positive thoughts to rid one negative thought”. Then theres, “you just ask and then believe in the lord that he will answer your prayers” and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. I could go on and on with all the rederick I’ve heard over the years. Not once was I really told why. And at the time, I didnt know I needed anyone to tell me the why. I “thought” I knew. But I was 49 years old before I ever found the true why. All those wasted years…I look back and realize that I wasnt ready. I could have been told, and I would not have seen it. I “thought” I had an open mind, but obviously I didnt because what Ive discovered, or finally realized is the depth of all of those sayings. I have a whole different look on life now and those sayings actually mean something- on a thought level. I had no idea. No idea that while Im thinking about what I dont have, Im creating more of it. I had not idea that while Im thinking about all the stuff others have and I dont, Im created more of it. I had no idea that what I was worrying about was also being manefested….It kinda makes me sick that It took 49 years of my life for me to get it!

So now, I am on a roll…I am on a mission. I am challenging myself to seek and destroy all thoughts that are not serving. To eliminate thoughts of self doubt. A mission to enlighten the minds of the ones who dont feel worthy of being happy. I dont want you to have to just be finding out at the age of 49 like I was. I want to open your heart and your mind to a new life a new lifestyle, a new you!

If your not happy, if you feel lost, if you know there is a better, easier way to do this “life” thing, then give me a call and set up a session so we can talk. I have some free intake vouchers available for anyone who is not working right now due to covid. I cant live for free, but I am working on something that might reduce or eliminate session fees for low income- stay tuned on that, but DO NOT let that stop you from contacting me. I do have a few sponsors that may be able to help with session costs right now.

To your happiness,



Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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