Stress is just a word, but for some, it is a very powerful word. The word itself is a noun. Often people misuse it as an adjective. People experience 3 kinds of stress in the body: Physical, chemical or emotional. You can turn on stress with a thought. You can trigger disease from a pattern of thoughts. People even use stress as a narcotic.

Today I wanted to touch on the misuse of the word stress. In particular, labeling other people as stressful. This can occur when you begin feeling stress and another body is around you, you may then come to the conclusion that this person is the cause of your stress. I offer to you a change in your perspective. You see, other people can not inflict or cause stress upon you. You create stress from your own thoughts, not from other people. An example is if I was waiting in line to buy groceries and the person in front of me says the cashier is very slow going, I might experience elevated stressful thoughts. Including, “I don’t have time for this”, “how do I always get in the slow lane”, ” are you kidding me, I have to be at work in 10 minutes”…and so on….The person telling you about the “slow” cashier is not the creation of your stress, just a catalyst for thoughts. The cashier is not the cause of your stress, you don’t even know for sure she is slow! But you have allowed yourself to create an avalanche of thoughts and they are NOT serving you! Another example you might find a little more difficult to accept. I’m sitting at home thinking about cleaning my house and my Mother in law calls and says she is in the area and wants to stop by for a quick visit. All of the sudden, I am hit with stresses about “What she is going to think about my house not being clean, the dishes aren’t done, and the floor hasn’t been swept in three days, oh my goodness, what does the toilet look like?”. Is my Mother in law the cause or source of my new found stress or are my thoughts the cause?….People do not cause you stress, you do! How about this, I keep forgetting to put a file together for my boss and she has been wanting it for two weeks but I just haven’t gotten to it. Now I see her walking down the hall toward me and I think, “Oh crap, I don’t have that report done still”….Instant stress-By my boss, or by my thoughts? My thoughts again! Its easy for me to look at her and decide that she is the cause of my stress but she is not. My thoughts have created my own discomfort before my boss even opened her mouth! I can tell you that the sight of her gives me stress but that would be inaccurate because its the thought that I think when I see her that causes the stress. I’m literally doing it to myself!!….The point here is that other people do not have that power over you. You are the creator of your life and all experiences and emotions that come with it. If you are feeling stress in your life, take a look at your own thoughts! You will find that you have thoughts in there that are not serving you, they may be hindering you, and even causing you stress. As I always say, if you don’t like your life, don’t look around you, look inside you because the results of your life are your own creation. Its a hard pill for some to swallow because we have become accustomed to blaming others for our suffering. I offer you to take accountability for your results. I offer you to change what you don’t like. If you don’t like the stress you’ve been feeling, stop creating it! If you need help with your thoughts, contact Vybe Tribe for some inspiration and/or guidance to help you find and eliminate the ones that are not serving you! We are all deserving, we are all loved, and we can all benefit from our birthright if we just know how to claim it! We are meant to be happy and prosper. Change your thoughts and your body will follow! Have a great week!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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