Your emotions are a manifestation of your conscious recognition of misalignment of your true self. If you are happy, you are in alignment of your purpose. If you are miserable, its because you are not lined up with your purpose. Your brain will often lead you astray from your purpose. Not on purpose! Its just that your mind is designed to protect you and it has been conditioned-through human experience, to certain beliefs. When your mind gets in the way and leads you astray, you can feel it in the form of negative emotions. Its easy to keep thinking the things you have for your entire life, but its not always easy to make sense of the “hardness” of life. Life should not be hard, or negative. This only happens when you are not lined up with your purpose. Your inner self knows your purpose but your brain doesn’t want to hear it! Your inner being is always with you and always showing you the way to your purpose. Your brain has been conditioned to ignore your inner being-again, not on purpose! You have been taught and told your whole life to do this, act like this, go here, be here, don’t do that, don’t try that, eat more, eat less, want more, want less, make this a priority, keep away from there……I could go on and on but you get the point. Most of our thoughts and our “shoulds” in life is not even our own. They come from other human beings and they are generally not serving you! Often referred to as shoulding all over yourself. And shoulding feels bad. You know why? Because its not in alignment with who you truly are. Its a belief given to you by another person, not your inner being and the only thing or way to happiness is by following your inner self. When you hear yourself say I should do this…..Stop and think about that feeling. Is it causing you to feel good or bad? When you say, I should clean my house….Is that what you want or is that what others want from you? I’m not saying to live in a pig sty! I’m not saying how you should live at all, I’m just asking “does it feel good or bad?”….You can always judge your alignment by how you feel. Try it just for today. Do only things that make you feel good! My promise to you is that the more you do to feel good, the more you will see and do things to feel good about. The next time you get a negative emotion, check in with yourself. Are you doing, saying, or being for yourself or are you doing, saying, or being for someone else?

Another emotion saboteur is other peoples vibrational energy flooding over onto you because they are so out of alignment, its spilling out. Once you are aware that your emotions can only be elicited by your own thoughts and not the thoughts of others, you have a better chance of avoiding the flood. Some people are more sensitive then others but the point is, you are in control and have responsibility for your own vibrational flow or emotions. You can choose how your going to feel by tapping into your inner self. It gets deeper, but it can become very easy for you to do.

The more you practice feeling how YOU want to feel instead of how others think you should feel, the better you will get at it. Less judgement and less expectation comes when you tap into your self. Resulting in less frustration, increased clarity, and new calmness. Once you gain clarity, eliminate frustration, and sit in a calmer place-it becomes easy to check your feelings and be less intimidated by others “shoulds” for you!

Here’s to YOU! Enjoy


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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