What is it to you?

Too often we insert ourselves into others lives to give an opinion or offer advice. Sometimes just to criticize. Too many times we want to use words to insert ourselves instead of a hand to help out. How easy it is to look at someone else’ life and decide what is wrong and what needs to be done. Are you one of those word inserters? Or do you offer a hand instead? Do you find yourself always giving advice but never giving your time? Do you hear yourself thinking about what someone else should do? Do you often wonder why people are doing what they are doing? Well today is your wake up call. The world does not need your advice! The neighbor does not need your opinion. Your family can learn and grow without your criticism! Learn to mind your business! We spend so much time critiquing others we neglect the learning and growing that we should be doing ourselves. If your reading this, take time today to concentrate on yourself. What are some things you need to learn? What are some things you could do to help you grow today? Like Jesus told Peter in John 21:21-22 concerning this subject……..”What is that to you?”~mind your own business Peter! And the same goes to all of us. Stop worrying about the other guy and look at your own life. Unless you and yours are perfect then you can only offer encouragement, guidance, support, and love to another life. Try it today. You might be surprised how much better you feel yourself when you actually help someone along the way instead of just judging where they are! Have a great day vybe nation!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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