Creating a happy place helps in creating a positive vibration. The joys of life come from that happy place, that place of high vibrations. Creating this space takes a little discipline in the beginning and a conscious decision to do something that will make you feel good and not negative or drained. I’ve found that putting a few certain habits into place on a daily basis can really help me get and stay in a high vibrational place. Today I want to share 10 of those daily habits with you.

  1. Maybe the most important habit is keeping a gratitude journal. I write 5 things in it every night that I am grateful for that day. This not only helps me to reflect on the positives of the day but when you write it down, you are also consciously thinking about and visualizing it. I write my gratitude’s in the form of a sentence that often starts with I am or I have.
  2. Random acts of kindness. I do at least one of these a day. These can be anything that causes or creates another human to feel your kindness. The important thing here is not recognition for your efforts, or acknowledgment of your act. Its simply done for another yet beneficial to you.
  3. Offer a compliment or encouragement. I do this at least once a day. Giving a kind word to another person raises their vibration and creates an opportunity tfor them to have a lighter day. We all know the power of our words! So use them wisely and watch as the positivity you put out comes back to you 10 fold.
  4. Watch what you watch. So many things on the TV to choose from. Choose what you put into your mind carefully because it will impact what comes back out.
  5. Vision boards or mind movies. Use a poster board and cut out things from magazines that you would like in your life. Take time and enjoy looking for things to add to your poster board. Cut out homes, clothes, cars….anything you see that you like. I joined mind movies. Its an app that allows you to actually create short videos with pictures and music that you put together and you can watch anytime you want. This is a very enjoyable exercise and studies show a 100% chance of a raise in your vibrations just by looking at it or watching it
  6. Exercise. I’m not a fitness guru, but I do agree that daily movement creates higher vibrations. It doesn’t have to be a 20 minute cardio or a “see how much weight I can lift” type suggestion. This can be any type of active exercise. Some examples are yoga, biking, jogging, dancing, walking/hiking, swimming. As long as you make a conscious effort to move your body, you are doing great!
  7. Sing. That’s right-I want you to use your voice! It doesn’t matter if your in the shower, in the forest, at the park, in your house, or in your car. Wherever you are, whenever you feel it, let it out! Even if you start out negative, keep singing because you will soon find yourself getting more and more positive. You cant sing and stay mad or sad. Try it out. Use it whenever needed. Just sing it out!
  8. Play. Find the child inside of you. Get around some kids and start interacting. Nothing compares to playing, acting, and creating like a child. They are uncensored, unconditional, and reap of high vibrations….Spend some time in a room of high vibrations and see if you don’t get worn out just trying to keep up with the vibrational energy of the youth! Play like you are 5 years old. No judgements, no conditions, just pure playing and having fun.
  9. Take “ME” time. You have to nurture yourself. In this department, you must be greedy. You should be your own best friend. You should be concerned about yourself. You should always put yourself first. This may sound a little put off or a little conceded but it is far from it. You cant help others, make an impact, or spread joy if you are not putting yourself first. Remember you give not from your cup but from your overflow!
  10. Last but not least I suggest volunteering. I don’t do this every day but I make sure I put it into my calendar as much as I can. It may only be a couple of times a month but It creates a positive vibration every time I do it. You cant feel any better then you do when you see the impact you have on another human in need. This is one of the easiest ways to instantly raise your vibration. Seeing the smile on another and you know your efforts help create that smile. Great feelings covered in love! You have to try it!

I hope you find these things helpful and easy to put in place. All of them are beneficial to me and my vibrations. When your vybs are high, so can be your expectations!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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