Meditation Poem

Meditation is great, meditation is kind. Meditation offers peace and leaves the judgment behind. As your body starts to grow, your subconscious does too. Storing memories of failures and times you were blue. Your subconscious mind, you don’t even know its name but science has told us that it is to blame. How many dreams, how many lies, how many failures, how many tries. You’ll never make it, you’ll never succeed when its your subconscious mind that you continue to feed. Happiness and abundance will never come your way when limiting beliefs are all you hear and say. Positive affirmations starve the subconscious flow. Meditation takes you places you were born to go. When you realign your thoughts, you are sure to win. Pay attention now and Ill show you how to begin. Just sit right down and close your eyes, think about your breathing as an exercise. In and out, out and in, hold on now were about to begin. Take a big breath, to the count of three. Keep your eyes closed cause there’s nothing to see. Let your air out as you count to four, cause breathing out longer makes you relax more. Do several reps, and don’t worry about the time. Don’t think about the day or even this rhyme. Once your in the zone and your breathing is all you feel, your gonna start relaxing from your head to your heel. Starting with your head, right on top. How does it feel, right there in that spot? Your so loved, so brilliant, your so rich and kind, now your shoulders are relaxed as you clear your mind. You can feel your chest rise up, as you breath in. Count to three, and breath out again. Warm sensations all tingley and such, now your hips and your legs relaxing so much. With every breath out, you relax some more, keep breathing out to the count of four. Now your body’s relaxed and your in theta state, stay right there its time to meditate. Your gonna visualize the life that you want. But be specific, and you must be blunt. Happiness is there for you to see, imagine everything you’ve wanted and everything you could be. Money is no object, old beliefs are not your foe. Happiness all around you, its all you know. Stay in those feelings while you let some gratitude flow. Feel it in your body as you let the outside go. No name, nowhere, no time, no space. Your connecting to the universe and your claiming your grace. Your birthright is here, inside your mind. All of your abundance , that’s what you’ll find. No judgements are found, no limiting beliefs. love, joy, peace, what a relief. Stay for a while and come back anytime. Your always welcome inside your own mind!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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