This week in November

So this week I have been looking into keeping a positive vybe. Because even when we know how to get there, its not always the easiest to stay there! Life happens, we get caught up in old feelings, and there we go-out of abundance again. I came across a little trick. It seems easy enough. I started implementing it and guess what?! It does seem to have some power!

We can be having the best day ever and one single thing can change it all. Sometimes the “thing” is big and sometimes its only big to you but the problem is the same. Why do we go from 100 to zero in about 5 seconds? So my thought is, if we can go down in vibrations within a 5 second period, shouldn’t we then be able to do the opposite? That’s were this little trick comes in.

So when your having a great day, or even a lousy day-here is my tip for you. SMILE…..I tried it and it does actually has an initial relaxation feeling. They say to keep smiling but I found, personally that if I smile for just a few seconds and then release, smile again for another few moments, and so on…It really has the power to change your thought process and bring it into a positive vibration. If not just for the action, but for the thoughts that start to interrupt your negative ones. (thoughts like: I bet these people next to me think I’m psychotic!) Positivity starts leaking out into the dark and before you realize it, you are sending higher vibrations with increased positive emotions. It really is amazing-the power of the smile. Not to mention the smile you are giving other people-weve heard over and over the power of the smile. I knew it was good for others but I did not realize the effects on yourself-using it!

I never thought of it as an emotion/thought changing tool. I thought the smile was mainly for others benefit. You know, a way to change the moods of others around you, help make their day a little brighter…The saying that making others happy makes you happy too, has a lot to do with the simple smile!

SMILE everyone!


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Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

One thought on “This week in November

  1. So thanksgiving is this week and we are ask not to gather…..looks like a lot of zoomgivings will be taking place! I hope everyone can have the ability to be thankful this holiday. Don’t forget that gratitude is the single biggest mood enhancer we have access too. When you cant find anything to be grateful for, remember- your still breathing, your still loved, and you are still unique. Somebody somewhere needs you-be grateful for that! Because if you have not already made an impact in their life, you can rest assured that you will! Be grateful for what’s happened up to this point that will lead you to your next success. Gratitude is not measured in quantity, but quality. Its not how many things you have to be grateful for, but how grateful you are for the things you have!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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