This week in December

Well, December is here…I don’t know if I should say “finally!” or “already?”….Either way, the calendar nor mother nature waits for no one so we might as well embrace it and find some gratitude in it. I have been listening to some podcasts and webinars, much like a lot of you I suspect (when stuck at home). These are on making money online and so I wanted to take todays message and change it up a little. I wanted to put my opinion out there and maybe help someone else who is along the path right behind me.

I stumbled across LURN…..well, I am impressed. This guy (Anik) has so much energy, he is hard to keep up with. He has lots of seemingly valuable information and I could only dispute it if I actually tried it and it did not work. I took part in ENTRE nation for a short time (2 months) but after the initial training, you are sold a $3500 dollar, keep learning fee. You know, to further your education! The guy I had my interview with to “put my plan together” at the end of the initial training was wishy washy, not listening and really kinda made me feel….well, for lack of a better word, incompetent. But that wasn’t the end of it, because after he basically made me feel like I was not the brightest crayon, he proceeded to try selling me the course. All I could think of was, do you even care about your enrollees or are you a commission guy! Well the later seemed to be obvious so I declined and moved on. I am enrolled in Clever Investors 30 day challenge with Cody, a USM course to successful you, I’ve checked out DC Faucett REI club….Looks awesome but I just cant get started. DC has lots of energy too and maybe I’m just more relatable to Anik, IDK….I am going to find out if this online thing is as easy as 1-2-3 or if its just all gurus and glitter dust!! You can follow along. I will put the time in and you can read the results, here. I will keep this site updated on what’s happening, just as a side venture! BTW, USM is by far the greatest self help program I have ever come across. I would definitely recommend it to any of the people seeing this. Natalie Ledwell is just a gem-and so is her team. Her drive and inspiration is what captured my heart and kept me on board. I do want to shout out to a man named David that I seen online. He is in the self help area I suppose but he deals a lot with hypnosis, which is out of my league but he planted a seed in me the other day during his training and I got to say, I have FELT it every second since then. He stated It would get better and better and he was not lying! He placed an anchor in me and any time I go to that anchor, I get a tingling sensation that runs from my head to toes and I just feel…GOOD. He did it! I cant remember his last name but there will be more on him I’m sure!

Back to you! We are all having to deal with this pandemic and we are all effected differently but one thing is the same for all of us and that’s not knowing what is next. That uncertainty alone can cause downward spirals in your emotions. I want to suggest volunteering. Giving your time to others who are less fortunate then you is a great, maybe one of the greatest ways to keep your gratitude. You will not be giving only, you will absolutely be receiving. Call me greedy, but when what you are getting is a higher vibration, and your doing it by lifting others at the same time….man, there is no other way to go! Its win-win!! I think everyone should be giving. Even children-because we all need to be part of a solution and we all need to be lifted up-regardless what side of the soup kitchen line you are on! My challenge to you is to find a way to volunteer yourself. It does not have to be serving food, it can be reading a book to children at your communities’ school, caroling, picking up trash off the side of the streets, ringing the red kettle bell, salvation army sorting presents for the angel tree, installing a “free book” drop in your neighborhood…I mean the list is endless-be creative. Love your neighbor and love yourself. Now get outside and give time to someone else! Most importantly, be grateful you have what so many others do not! _________________ You can fill in the blank!


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Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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