What are you thinking?

So im hearing a lot of problem talk lately. Problem talk is just what it sounds like. Talking about problems! I haven’t decided if I’m sending that vyb out so that’s what I’m getting back or if people are a little more problem focused right now. Maybe this pandemic has caused a lot of the problem talk, but if that is true, we are thinking about it way too much! Ever heard or been told to just ignore it and it will go away? ITS true!!! If you cease to think about it, it can not continue to grow in your reality. If you question this science, then Ill tell you now, you need to do some inner belief work because you might think your not thinking about it but because it is a belief in you it is active whether you are thinking about it or not. Sounds silly but its true. Your thoughts are vibrations. Your beliefs are just thoughts you continue to think. Your beliefs are vibrating out and you are getting them back with or without active thought being deliberately placed upon them. If you grew up being told you have to work hard to get ahead, guess what? You send that vibration out every single hour of every singe day. How can you possible get anything else back unless you change it? If you grew up being told you were fat, guess what? You are sending that vyb out every single hour of every single day…..until you change it! Its ok to have beliefs, just make sure they are serving you! As for the problem talk, I choose to work on solution talk! I choose to focus on high vibrational conversations. I choose to hear, see, and focus on problem solving, high vibration, deliberate creators! I hope you do the same!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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