Can you help me?

Everyone tells us that if you need help to reach out,

but when that time comes they are nowhere about.

Everyone says that you should come forward with pain,

but when you say it out loud it feels so in vain.

If thoughts are vibrations and energy flow.

Then this message is for you, just a few things to know.

You have beliefs in you that have accumulated over the period of your current lifetime, and they are quite knaggy to say the least. If you are experiencing the negative voices and criticism when you are wanting more from life, it’s probably due to inner thoughts (or beliefs: just a thought you keep thinking) that have gained momentum over time. And they play like a recording every time you get motivated to grow, get out of your safe zone, and desire more. You can go to a psychiatrist and spend thousands of dollars and months or years of your time not to mention the side effects from the commonly dished out suppression drugs……OR…you can say RUCK it. I’m talking about Release your mindset, Understand your birthright, Create your new reality, and Keep a high vibration. I’ve noticed that too many people have this negative self-talk that keeps them in lack mode. I’ve noticed that too many people are not living the life they want. I’ve noticed that too many people are seeking help in wrong places and for the wrong reasons. Too many diagnoses of anxiety and depression. Too many medications covering up beliefs. How has it come to this? How have we been coerced into covering everything up with a pill just to stay stuck in the same place? How is that beneficial? Everyone plays a purposeful role in this life experience. Everyone is responsible for creating their own reality and that cannot happen when vibrations are ignored. If you believe that everything is energy, then you know that your thoughts are energy. If you believe energy has a vibration, then you know your thoughts are vibrations. If both of those things align with you then you must know the power that your thoughts/energy/vibration has on the results in your life. You cant have a low vibration and get a return of high vibration. Just like you cant sit on your couch and get muscle tone for it, you can’t send negative energy and get positive vibes back from it. It’s a like attracts like world. Its fundamental physics. You won’t go up if you’re pushing down, and you won’t get energy from laying around! I’ve got a four-step course for raising your vibrations. It all centers around the RUCK it model and has proved to be an excellent tool for beginners. If you’re interested and want to learn more, just sign up with your email or follow vybnation for the latest posts.

Have a great day and an even better tomorrow:)

Written by Chelle Hurley Posted by Vybstat


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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