Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to sit in a corner and cry? Or go outside and yell at the top of your lungs. How about just throwing a dish across the room……………….Haven’t we all found ourselves there, in a moment of time that we wish didn’t exist? In an existence of space that just hurts.

I have found an interesting thing in avoiding those spaces. I found that it is not the space at all. It is not the moment itself that you’re trying to avoid. It’s all about the feeling better. I once heard a phrase that I would like to repeat, “nobody ever wanted anything that they didn’t think they would feel better in the having of” So, I started paying attention to my feelings. Keeping track of how I felt throughout the day. I even started writing feelings down so I could look for patterns. Not what was happening on the outside, but how I felt on the inside, in general throughout the day. At some point I started thinking about what I was thinking. Like was I having good thoughts or bad thoughts? Was I looking forward to another day or was I thinking something else? Do I think more about what I do have or about what I do not have? Do I think more about what I do want or what I don’t want? And patterns started showing up. And I noticed how negative thoughts where dominating most of my days thought. So, I’m thinking if thoughts are vibrations, and I got negative thoughts dominate, then I’m vibrating negativity? Maybe that’s why my space just hurts? I decided to start making a conscious effort to increase my positive thoughts. I found helping people, being in the sunshine, and smiling spread positive thoughts. I found that saying kind words, singing, and dancing all create positive thoughts. I found friends and family can induce positive thoughts. As I continued having positive thoughts, the more moments I found myself enjoying. The more spaces I wanted to be, learn, and grow from. I did struggle with the patterns and the old way of thinking. Its a habit…… But it’s easier to break then you might think;}

Till next time, take care of you and yours,



Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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