So you think that life is happening to you. You feel like the whole world is falling down on you? Everyone is against you. You’re getting swayed by other peoples opinions about you. You don’t even know what it is that you want anymore? Your tired of living for everyone else. Your tired of feeling clouded all the time by all the wants and needs that surround you. How could you possibly know what you want when so many around you come first. How could you possibly know how you feel when you never have time to consider it.

Well, you would probably be mad if I just told you that you are creating all of this yourself. You are creating your own reality which means all these obstacles that are in your way of happiness were put there by you. You probably wouldn’t want to accept that responsibility of yourself. In fact, you would probably argue that you have never had such powers! That you would not have put such whiney, needy, self-serving bodies in your path. But you would be wrong. Now I’m not saying that you did any of this intentionally. I’m not even saying you did any of it consciously. I’m just saying that you did it.

Changing the mindset is a multilayered endeavor that is not one size fits all. Everyone, through their own life experiences and perspective have selected a reality that is unique to them. In the same way, we have all inserted our own obstacles into our lives. Some we hold on to for sentiment. Others we keep for safety. Whatever the reason, it’s based on a belief system that we have internally accepted as our reality. A belief is just a thought that we continue to think over and over. It’s a thought that is wired into our subconscious and we live by it without awareness, preservation, or resistance. Before we can change our outside, we must first take a look at the beliefs that we hold on the inside. If you don’t first identify your part in your reality, you will never be able to effectively change your reality. This is what is meant by the phrase “change comes from within”. Because it literally does. No one has ever changed on the outside without first changing on the inside.

The first step to change is acknowledging your part. What are the things you believe that hold your life true for you? Could your attachment to control be filling up your to-do list? Maybe the self-talk you’ve been giving yourself isn’t very loving. Maybe you were told so many times that you will never succeed, that you hold it as a truth now? Maybe being told that money don’t come easy and that you have to work hard for what you want has now set you up for struggle and long work hours. Whatever it is that you have stored in there can be changed. Whatever you hold to be true in your subconscious mind can be released. In other words, it does not have to be true anymore. You can be free from thoughts, habits, and beliefs that do not serve in your best interest. We are free to release them any time. And if you ask me, the sooner the better! Because if you had no negativity in your life, you wouldn’t be here reading this post! So join me in replacing those silly little lies with strong, bold, encouraging thoughts that will serve. Positive thoughts, feelings and actions are what serves each of us. I dare you to flip a negative to a positive and see what happens.

Examples of flips: 1. YOU SAY……OMG my car is about out of gas again. Why does it feel like every time I get in it to go somewhere, I have to stop for gas first. FLIP…….Since I need to get gas, I’m going to that station with the really cute boy so I can flirt again. 2. YOU SAY…….Why is it that I have to tell you sixteen times to pick your room up before you go do it. FLIP…..Im so lucky to have a healthy thriving child who is learning and growing and taking advantage of all the things he can while in the comfort and safety of his own home. And I’m so grateful that I have the means to provide him with all this enrichment. I’m stoked that I get to enjoy my son growing up and learning to become a man. I’m happy that I get to help guide him to his own journey in life and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I’m so lucky to be able to raise my child in a place like this and having things I never had with opportunities to learn his own power….I could go on, but you’ve got the point, I think. It’s a lot about how you frame it. Practice framing out new ways of thinking about the usually negative things in your life. Everything can be flipped. EVERYTHING So good luck and start flipping!!


Published by vybstat

Medical Assistant turned Life Coach because while I do enjoy optimizing the body, I really love to optimize the mind.

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