What do you think?

Did you know that your emotions are a good way to identify what is going on in your thoughts? Negative emotions can be an indicator of self-doubt, but they are a definitive way to know that you need to stop and take a look at your thoughts. No emotion can be felt without first a thought. Then your thoughts create emotions. Some may argue that experiences cause emotions, but it is only the way you think about the experience that causes the emotion, not the actual experience itself. Thats why one person might learn while another with the exact same experience will not. One person might find encouragement in a newspaper article while another feels remorse when reading it. It’s all in what or how we think our thoughts. Our thoughts create our emotions. Thoughts come first and everyone is unique in their own thoughts. One can make themselves mad just sitting down and thinking or one can lift themselves up by sitting down and thinking. It’s all up to you! Would you like to create positive emotions or negative ones, think about that before you answer! Majority of people think that they are “wired” wrong, or “tarnished”. That the crazy, negative, powerful emotions are controlling their thoughts and actions but that is simply not the way it works. Which is good news if you want to start feeling better, living happier, or achieving different results in your life. All you have to do is think differently! Sounds easy enough……..but wait. All the years of conditioning has me stuck in this negative loop. Now what?!

Starting today, you can change the way you think and what you think about. By becoming aware of your emotions as soon as you have them. Then asking yourself….what am I thinking about right now? If you are feeling good, milk it. Think about it and feel good as long as you can. Creating and holding positive thoughts will cause a momentum of more thoughts like it. Just like negative thoughts attract each other, positive thoughts do too. Once you start picking up on what you are thinking when you feel emotions, you can create a momentum. Your goal is to practice a positive momentum every day, every hour, every thought. Once you hold a positive thought for a few seconds, another will join it. Keep the vibe and another one will too. The more you do this, the more you will feel positive. The more you feel positive, the more positive energy you send out. Creating positive thoughts, emotions, and experiences into your life

What are you thinking?

So im hearing a lot of problem talk lately. Problem talk is just what it sounds like. Talking about problems! I haven’t decided if I’m sending that vyb out so that’s what I’m getting back or if people are a little more problem focused right now. Maybe this pandemic has caused a lot of the problem talk, but if that is true, we are thinking about it way too much! Ever heard or been told to just ignore it and it will go away? ITS true!!! If you cease to think about it, it can not continue to grow in your reality. If you question this science, then Ill tell you now, you need to do some inner belief work because you might think your not thinking about it but because it is a belief in you it is active whether you are thinking about it or not. Sounds silly but its true. Your thoughts are vibrations. Your beliefs are just thoughts you continue to think. Your beliefs are vibrating out and you are getting them back with or without active thought being deliberately placed upon them. If you grew up being told you have to work hard to get ahead, guess what? You send that vibration out every single hour of every singe day. How can you possible get anything else back unless you change it? If you grew up being told you were fat, guess what? You are sending that vyb out every single hour of every single day…..until you change it! Its ok to have beliefs, just make sure they are serving you! As for the problem talk, I choose to work on solution talk! I choose to focus on high vibrational conversations. I choose to hear, see, and focus on problem solving, high vibration, deliberate creators! I hope you do the same!

Loving Yourself

You’ve probably heard, “you have to love yourself before someone else can love you” or “you have to take care of yourself or you cant take care of others”. Both are eventually true. It may not be evident at first and it may not even seem like the problem but if there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that you DO have to take care of yourself. You DO have to love yourself. You DO have to put yourself first. Some people think that sound selfish, self centered or even egotistical. But the kind of first I’m referring to has nothing to do with putting others down, stepping on the backs of others, or using others in any way. It simply means knowing you are full. Full of self love, full of self worth, and full of self satisfaction. You wont say yes to things that burden you. You wont make time for those who don’t appreciate your time. You will start enjoying life and finding enjoying things to do. Today try not judging yourself. If you catch yourself thinking something negative about you….stop it right there and change the thought process. Lighten it up. Tell yourself whatever you would tell your best friend in the same circumstance. With unconditional love! After the first day, ponder on any negative things you were going to say to yourself that day and sit in gratitude that you did not let yourself do it and try it again tomorrow! After 15 days, you will automatically start filling in positive thoughts were the negative thoughts once were. If you don’t believe me, give it a try! The only thing you have to lose is negative self talk and personal sabatage. Be kind to yourself-all day, every day!

Meditation Poem

Meditation is great, meditation is kind. Meditation offers peace and leaves the judgment behind. As your body starts to grow, your subconscious does too. Storing memories of failures and times you were blue. Your subconscious mind, you don’t even know its name but science has told us that it is to blame. How many dreams, how many lies, how many failures, how many tries. You’ll never make it, you’ll never succeed when its your subconscious mind that you continue to feed. Happiness and abundance will never come your way when limiting beliefs are all you hear and say. Positive affirmations starve the subconscious flow. Meditation takes you places you were born to go. When you realign your thoughts, you are sure to win. Pay attention now and Ill show you how to begin. Just sit right down and close your eyes, think about your breathing as an exercise. In and out, out and in, hold on now were about to begin. Take a big breath, to the count of three. Keep your eyes closed cause there’s nothing to see. Let your air out as you count to four, cause breathing out longer makes you relax more. Do several reps, and don’t worry about the time. Don’t think about the day or even this rhyme. Once your in the zone and your breathing is all you feel, your gonna start relaxing from your head to your heel. Starting with your head, right on top. How does it feel, right there in that spot? Your so loved, so brilliant, your so rich and kind, now your shoulders are relaxed as you clear your mind. You can feel your chest rise up, as you breath in. Count to three, and breath out again. Warm sensations all tingley and such, now your hips and your legs relaxing so much. With every breath out, you relax some more, keep breathing out to the count of four. Now your body’s relaxed and your in theta state, stay right there its time to meditate. Your gonna visualize the life that you want. But be specific, and you must be blunt. Happiness is there for you to see, imagine everything you’ve wanted and everything you could be. Money is no object, old beliefs are not your foe. Happiness all around you, its all you know. Stay in those feelings while you let some gratitude flow. Feel it in your body as you let the outside go. No name, nowhere, no time, no space. Your connecting to the universe and your claiming your grace. Your birthright is here, inside your mind. All of your abundance , that’s what you’ll find. No judgements are found, no limiting beliefs. love, joy, peace, what a relief. Stay for a while and come back anytime. Your always welcome inside your own mind!


Creating a happy place helps in creating a positive vibration. The joys of life come from that happy place, that place of high vibrations. Creating this space takes a little discipline in the beginning and a conscious decision to do something that will make you feel good and not negative or drained. I’ve found that putting a few certain habits into place on a daily basis can really help me get and stay in a high vibrational place. Today I want to share 10 of those daily habits with you.

  1. Maybe the most important habit is keeping a gratitude journal. I write 5 things in it every night that I am grateful for that day. This not only helps me to reflect on the positives of the day but when you write it down, you are also consciously thinking about and visualizing it. I write my gratitude’s in the form of a sentence that often starts with I am or I have.
  2. Random acts of kindness. I do at least one of these a day. These can be anything that causes or creates another human to feel your kindness. The important thing here is not recognition for your efforts, or acknowledgment of your act. Its simply done for another yet beneficial to you.
  3. Offer a compliment or encouragement. I do this at least once a day. Giving a kind word to another person raises their vibration and creates an opportunity tfor them to have a lighter day. We all know the power of our words! So use them wisely and watch as the positivity you put out comes back to you 10 fold.
  4. Watch what you watch. So many things on the TV to choose from. Choose what you put into your mind carefully because it will impact what comes back out.
  5. Vision boards or mind movies. Use a poster board and cut out things from magazines that you would like in your life. Take time and enjoy looking for things to add to your poster board. Cut out homes, clothes, cars….anything you see that you like. I joined mind movies. Its an app that allows you to actually create short videos with pictures and music that you put together and you can watch anytime you want. This is a very enjoyable exercise and studies show a 100% chance of a raise in your vibrations just by looking at it or watching it
  6. Exercise. I’m not a fitness guru, but I do agree that daily movement creates higher vibrations. It doesn’t have to be a 20 minute cardio or a “see how much weight I can lift” type suggestion. This can be any type of active exercise. Some examples are yoga, biking, jogging, dancing, walking/hiking, swimming. As long as you make a conscious effort to move your body, you are doing great!
  7. Sing. That’s right-I want you to use your voice! It doesn’t matter if your in the shower, in the forest, at the park, in your house, or in your car. Wherever you are, whenever you feel it, let it out! Even if you start out negative, keep singing because you will soon find yourself getting more and more positive. You cant sing and stay mad or sad. Try it out. Use it whenever needed. Just sing it out!
  8. Play. Find the child inside of you. Get around some kids and start interacting. Nothing compares to playing, acting, and creating like a child. They are uncensored, unconditional, and reap of high vibrations….Spend some time in a room of high vibrations and see if you don’t get worn out just trying to keep up with the vibrational energy of the youth! Play like you are 5 years old. No judgements, no conditions, just pure playing and having fun.
  9. Take “ME” time. You have to nurture yourself. In this department, you must be greedy. You should be your own best friend. You should be concerned about yourself. You should always put yourself first. This may sound a little put off or a little conceded but it is far from it. You cant help others, make an impact, or spread joy if you are not putting yourself first. Remember you give not from your cup but from your overflow!
  10. Last but not least I suggest volunteering. I don’t do this every day but I make sure I put it into my calendar as much as I can. It may only be a couple of times a month but It creates a positive vibration every time I do it. You cant feel any better then you do when you see the impact you have on another human in need. This is one of the easiest ways to instantly raise your vibration. Seeing the smile on another and you know your efforts help create that smile. Great feelings covered in love! You have to try it!

I hope you find these things helpful and easy to put in place. All of them are beneficial to me and my vibrations. When your vybs are high, so can be your expectations!


Can your words hurt? If so, then they can heal. Can your words break it down? Then your words can build up. Can your words condemn? Then your words can set free. Can your words Take away? Then your words can provide. Anything your words can do negatively, they can also do positively. Can your words reach others? Then your words reach yourself. We are all aware of the impact our words have on other people, but are we aware of the impact they have on ourselves? Are you aware what your words are doing to YOU? Words are very powerful and should be used discretionally. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”…… Implementable only when the words are coming from an outside source…ie. other people. When the words are coming from yourself, its a whole different ballgame! You can learn to ignore others but can you ignore yourself? When the words are coming from inside its not a matter of just shutting your mouth or ears!

Today I want to challenge you to spotlight the negative words that are coming from inside of you. I don’t want you to ignore them, muffle them, or even try to shut them out. I want you to spotlight them. I want you to write them down when you hear them. I want you to bring them into the light and out onto a piece of paper where they can be seen. Do this for one week. At the end of the week, take a look at your paper. Without judgement, just look at them. After you have looked them all over, you can start going through them and flipping them all to a positive statement instead. Take a day or two to flip all the thoughts you wrote down. Ex. If you wrote, “I’m never on time”-flip it to “I’m never late”…or if you said, “I just cant get the hang of it”-you might rewrite it as “I’m getting better all the time”….Or maybe you thought, “I keep making mistakes”- instead write “mistakes are learning opportunities for me”. Everything can be said in a positive way-everything can be flipped! After your all done and all the thoughts are now positive. Look at them again. Read them out loud! Don’t they feel better to say? Don’t they feel less forceful, less demanding, less judgmental?! We all accept responsibility as to what we say to others but when it comes to ourselves, we are much less thoughtful. Instead we are much more demanding and hurtful. Take this challenge and then see how you can learn to change your self talk into more encouraging phrases. Learn to uplift yourself so that you have the edge to lift another. Think about what you are saying to yourself. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, it doesn’t belong to you either!. Its that simple….it just seems hard because we’ve been taught to do it our whole lives. Start with this simple exercise of calling them out and bringing them to light. Once you identify what kind of self talk you got going on, you can show yourself some love and just flip it! Have a great week!!


So I know We already have a gratitude post but because its so important, I thought we could mention it a second time! Ive not been able to post for some time. I was “temporarily disconnected”!! Anyway, Ive been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. Every night I write in my gratitude journal (which I encourage you to do also) about the things I am grateful for THAT day. No matter the size, any amount of gratitude you can feel is very powerful to your vibration. Not only does being grateful help you feel better and have lighter days. It impacts the people around you. You can reek of ego and you can reek of resentment, you can reek of disappointment and you can reek of hatred. You can also reek of joy, happiness, kindness, and yes, you can reek of gratitude!!! Isn’t that great news? Isn’t it wonderful to know that you can have gratitude for a beautiful sunny day and the ramifications are that everyone you talk to gets to sense your reek….your reekiness of gratitude!!!! In fact, since I’ve been thinking about it so much lately, Ive decided to start writing in my journal twice a day. I’m going to add a morning date with gratitude! Will you join me? Lets start the day with some high vibrations. Lets spread some gratitude reekiness around the community!

Remember, your gratefulness for anything counts. We have found that writing it down does two things. First, it solidifies it to your subconscious. You have thought it, repeated it, wrote it, and seen it in writing. Secondly, it gives you a reflection tool. Anytime you are feeling a little off (stress, anxiety, depressed, ect.) you can always pull out your old journals. You will see that just looking over your past gratitude entries will lift your vibrations. Have a spectacular day and happy reeking!!

What is it to you?

Too often we insert ourselves into others lives to give an opinion or offer advice. Sometimes just to criticize. Too many times we want to use words to insert ourselves instead of a hand to help out. How easy it is to look at someone else’ life and decide what is wrong and what needs to be done. Are you one of those word inserters? Or do you offer a hand instead? Do you find yourself always giving advice but never giving your time? Do you hear yourself thinking about what someone else should do? Do you often wonder why people are doing what they are doing? Well today is your wake up call. The world does not need your advice! The neighbor does not need your opinion. Your family can learn and grow without your criticism! Learn to mind your business! We spend so much time critiquing others we neglect the learning and growing that we should be doing ourselves. If your reading this, take time today to concentrate on yourself. What are some things you need to learn? What are some things you could do to help you grow today? Like Jesus told Peter in John 21:21-22 concerning this subject……..”What is that to you?”~mind your own business Peter! And the same goes to all of us. Stop worrying about the other guy and look at your own life. Unless you and yours are perfect then you can only offer encouragement, guidance, support, and love to another life. Try it today. You might be surprised how much better you feel yourself when you actually help someone along the way instead of just judging where they are! Have a great day vybe nation!

Loving You

The single most important love affair is the one you have with yourself. You’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t love yourself, no-one else will love you either”…..But this article isn’t about getting others to love you. This is about the importance of loving yourself for you. Because ultimately, it doesn’t matter if anyone here loves you, really. Its nice to be loved and blah blah blah, but I want to tell you about the power of self love. The real power you gain is when you offer yourself unconditional love. Its not an easy task. It can seem impossible at times to love yourself through everything this life presents. With unconditional love comes unconditional living. And there is the sweet spot. This is the place where no problem exists that can waver your love. Its unconditional. Its freedom. Its comfortable. Its power! If you arent loving yourself unconditionally, life is harder, more complicated. You might have regrets. You might question your decisions. You might even hold resentment for your own thoughts and or actions. You can literally step into a new reality when you learn to love and live unconditionally. Try it on for a day and see what you think. Go for 24 hours without holding yourself hostage to this worlds chains. Spend 24 hours outside of self judgement. For just one day look at yourself with pure love. Care for yourself, pamper yourself, nourish yourself, be kind to you. For just 24 hours do only what YOU want to do. And see how you feel when you wake up the next day! Now imagine spending your whole life like that! Everyday. No matter what. Its always about you and your emotions/feelings. A whole new life. A whole new you. The results are amazing not only for you but for anybody around you. Try it out. Spend the day loving yourself!

Are you getting everything you want?

If you are not attracting what you want into your life, there might be an easy fix! Ive made a list of the top ten reasons why you may not have everything you want in your life right now. Life is not supposed to be hard. Overworking yourself is not the way to “get ahead”. And if someone once told you that the only way to get the things you want out of life is to work hard, Im afraid they misinformed you! Take a look at my top five list and see if any resonate with you.

  1. Your not clear on what you want
  2. Too much focus on what you don’t want
  3. Limiting Beliefs
  4. Your using force instead of attraction
  5. Your in control mode instead of surrender mode

I’m going to be offering a class to dig a little deeper into each of these subjects. I’ll be giving some tips on becoming aware of negative thoughts, how to shift them, and what to shift them too! If anyone is interested, stay tuned or send a message of interest so I can be sure to include you when the class is scheduled. Have a purposeful day!